9 things to know before you join yoga teacher training in india

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9 Things you need to know before you join yoga teacher training in india

The popularity of yoga has reached the pinnacle of all time. Since the number of persons looking to learn yoga that’s the reason behind the upsurge in the yoga school in India. Yoga classes also need yoga teachers. A number yoga centers opened in the mountainous regions related to yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.  Americans to love yoga, that’s why they are shelling out a reasonable amount to learn yoga and other yoga equipment.

If you also want to embark on the spiritual journey to become a yoga teacher by joining a yoga teacher training course in India, here are some things you would love to know:

1.    Don’t expect too much

You would never know what will happen after you join yoga teacher training course. Just do your best and leave the rest for the destiny. Enjoy the experience and wait for the day you will become a yoga teacher.


2.    Be clear about your intention

When you join the yoga classes for teacher training, be clear why you are doing and why you want to teach yoga. It will help you on the journey because many times you will feel ending all this in the halfway. You may get the feeling that yoga teaching is not as appealing as it first seemed.


3.    Learn yoga for yourself

Who knows that you will become yoga teacher one day and teach students at yoga classes in Rishikesh? Don’t overthink what will happen in future. The most important things are you love yoga then learn and study for yourself.


4.    Embrace the not-knowing

Take yoga in India like a syllabus of your school. There are many postures, things, words and subjects that you don’t understand the whole day. But you don’t have to be upset; it’s okay. You are at yoga school to learn and explore then take it lightly. Don’t let your ego come between your yoga training; always ask your yoga instructor or the peer group about the issues.


5.    Take care of yourself

During yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you may suffer injuries while practicing yoga. Like the famous saying, you have to give up something for something. There are plenty of yoga postures which you feel difficult to perform. Take your time, and listen to your body. All the efforts will be worth when you become a yoga teacher.


6.    Study Literature

There are yoga teachers who don’t possess enough knowledge of what they are practicing and how it can help their body. A book named ‘The Science of Yoga: The Risks and Rewards’ explain the mishappenings and injuries while doing yoga. It will help when you would teach the students, and you don’t want to be blamed for their injuries. Go, get a book.


7.    A roller-coaster ride

Feeling good on some days and bad on others, the feeling is natural. Sometimes, you would get bored then go for a walk in nature. The people taking yoga teacher training in Rishikesh can also go for a bath in the Ganga.  Do what you want to do, you will get rid of that feeling of leaving yoga classes in the middle.


8.    Confrontation with fellow yoga students

You will take taking yoga classes with several other students. You will get to spend so much time together, and the friendly chats can be a valuable lesson. Everyone will be of a different personality, and their egos may come in between. But you always have to be calm and never do the same with the other. This is the first lesson to become a yoga teacher.


9.    Things don’t end up here

The profession of a yoga teacher is not like other teachings. If you want to attain tranquility, you need to teach from your heart. Your yoga knowledge should keep expanding while sharing the things that you know. Joining and graduating from a yoga teacher training course is only a beginning; self-reflection and study are the basic things in yoga teaching.

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