Jan, 2018

Ego (I-ness)

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I-ness is the seed of the world. Assuming the body as “l and mine”, one gets a variety of endless pains. BY giving up ego, an endless creation is forsaken, as it is ego, that sustains the whole world. “I am bound”-The “I” in it is the same as in “I am free,” or “I am Brahma” also includes the “I”. The removal of this “I”, is in reality, liberation. The world, the being and God, these three are one, but because of our ego appear separate. 

In truth, detachment should be from the body. Segregation from society, does not eliminate ego or individuality, but strengthens it. Our own self is divinely Eternal Existence, and it has no ego. If this is realized immediate salvation results. Struggle does not come from caste or religion, but arises from selfishness and ego.  Seeing something special in oneself, means strengthening of ego, finiteness and bodily pride. God’s creation reflects the image of God, but the beings give it an image of the world by their ego, attachment and fondness. 

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